Challenge #1 Financial Literacy: Tools to Equip Ukrainians With Practical Knowledge

Building on USAID/FST materials and those of its Ukrainian partners (Banking University, Ukrainian Women’s Fund) and after analyzing existing examples, such as the Mr. Finance Chatbot, the FinTech Challenge Ukraine 2018 challenges local developers and IT firms to build Ukraine’s first interactive financial education and literacy solution/application. The aim is to provide financial information in an informative and timely way so that Ukrainians can learn and seek financial advice on the go. The solution/application may be built using any platform but it should be available via multiple social messaging applications already in use in Ukraine such as via Facebook Messenger, Viber, and/or Telegram or another application/solution.

  • Educational materials should be in Ukrainian.
  • The proposal should explain how you, the developer or firm, will use the existing FST, Banking University Financial Literacy Course materials, and training materials of the FST/Ukrainian Women’s Fund Program on Financial Empowerment to design a solution that offers Ukrainians short, digestible lessons on financial literacy and money management. It should help people with their personal finances, as well as increase literacy among micro and small businesses. Proposed analytical and result targets should be submitted as part of the proposal.
  • The content modules should be developed in a way to serve various Ukrainian target markets (new graduates, women, workers, pensioners, micro and small businesses, internally displaced persons, people with disabilities and other disadvantaged groups). It should also be designed to “learn” about the different goals of each user to tailor financial training tools as needed.
  • The solution should be designed to serve busy Ukrainians who may not have time for all day courses or financial awareness training sessions, allowing people to learn when they have the time to do so.
  • The solution should be designed to regularly nudge and encourage interaction and help people with different financial goals.
  • Examples from other countries, USAID/FST and Ukrainian partners financial education materials available bellow