Challenge #2 – Solving Problems: A Platform for Handling Consumer Complaints

This challenge will encourage the development of solutions to address Ukrainian customer complaints or questions regarding financial service providers through Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, interactive SMS platforms or other digital solutions.

  • The proposal should develop solutions that can be used via a mobile device or online and can provide a tool for directing customer complaints to financial service providers.  It should also be able to notify the appropriate financial authorities if/when financial institutions are unresponsive. After award, the prototype (system) will be designed in close consultation with selected banks and financial service regulators. The idea is to simplify, automate, and categorize complaints so that they can be addressed systematically and higher-level risks can be managed.
  • The system should be designed in such a way to automatically check back with customers who file a complaint to see if they received a satisfactory response from their financial services provider.
  • The system should capture information and automate complaint management, and provide financial authorities with information to analyze trends and identify key risks.
  • It should provide an industry-wide tool that will improve client engagement in real-time, via two-way conversation to quickly obtain information and resolve complaints.
  • For the purposes of piloting this challenge, the application will be focused on a select list of banks and regulators who agree to support this tool.
  • Informational materials can be downloaded bellow

Materials for Challenge #2 – Solving Problems: A Platform for Handling Consumer Complaints

  1. Legal acts and information from regulators
  2. FST’s information:
  3. Additional information: