Challenge #3 – Open Financial Inclusion Category

This challenge will focus on applications that support broader financial inclusion objectives, including financial services comparison tools, ratings, payments, lending to small businesses, and savings.

This could be a solution/application that provides advice on financial products and services for personal finance management, including savings, borrowing and lending, and investment or any other similar solution. It could assist individuals to understand how to use various services (card-to-card transfers, electronic payments, point-of-sale devices, etc.), and assist the industry to market tools and products to the sector. These could include improving options for pensioners or supporting displaced persons to better access financial services. Other examples might include loan comparison tools that allow clients to compare or rate financial service providers, or tools that enable users to look for the best financial service options in a particular location. Other tools might include helping individuals to develop their own holistic credit scores. Tools for insurance services or money transfer options are also potential solutions that would qualify for this category. In general, the solution/application should be able to provide advice on how to shift from cash to cashless in most common life cases/needs for Ukrainians.

  • For the purposes of this challenge, the solution/application can focus on various financial service or payment providers but solutions should be interoperable and open to work with different providers rather than a solution that only works for one or two financial players.
  • Informational materials can be downloaded bellow