1. Who can apply?

Open to all developers registered as a private entrepreneur or a legal entity in Ukraine.

2. Do participants need to share working prototypes by April 5?

No. For the purposes of the FinTech Challenge, we are asking for descriptions of proposed solutions. For more information, take a look at the Terms & Conditions.

3. What are the rules?

Take a look at the Terms & Conditions. All participants will be required to acknowledge and agree to the terms and conditions in order to register for the Challenge.

4. What is the scope of the Challenge?

Improving the way people learn about financial services, access these services or deal with issues or concerns. We’re looking for participants to reimagine and enhance how people access and use financial services as well as improve overall quality of these services in Ukraine.

5. Does FST pay for my company / my trip to Kyiv?

If you’re invited as a finalist, we will cover the cost of your roundtrip train fare and one or two nights lodging in Kyiv.

6. What’s the hashtag?

#GOFinTechUA – Use it on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to join the conversation.

7. Will there be journalists present?

Yes, the events are open to the press.

8. What criteria will the judges use to evaluate the proposals?

Evaluation Criteria Maximum Points
Uniqueness of innovation 20
Usability and functionality of the solution to address the particular challenge in the Ukrainian context 20
Business potential to scale and sustain the model 15
Work Plan and Delivery Schedule 15
Qualification of Proposed Experts and Key Personnel 10
Cost Proposal 20
Total 100

9. What are the awards?

The Challenge will award the UAH1,500,000, paid to winners based on reaching three milestones:

  •  functioning prototype completed;
  •  prototype tested and used by at least 1,000 clients;
  •  updated solution launched and used by at least 5,000 clients.

10. Will my participation become public?

If you do well and are selected to participate in the Award Day as a winner – Yes! We want to promote the work you do and get the community involved in changing Ukraine.

11. Do I have to submit my proposal in English and/or Ukrainian?

Proposals should be submitted in Ukrainian.

12. If selected as a finalist, may I present my solution in Ukrainian or English?

Either Ukrainian or English are acceptable. Simultaneous translation will be made during the Finalist Presentation.

13. Can my proposed solution be in a language other than Ukrainian?

All proposed solutions must be available in Ukrainian.  You may made your solution available in other languages as well, but it will not affect your proposal evaluation.

14. Do I need to register at http://gofintechua.info?

Yes, this will ensure you get all information, changes, and amendments to the Challenge.