RFP Clarification: Answers to questions received.

1. Can we propose in more than one Challenge category, or are we limited to submitting only one proposal?

Bidders may submit up to 3 proposals, but only one per Challenge category.

2. The suggested deliverables (number of users) does not fit our proposal very well.  Are we allowed to propose a different deliverables in our proposal?

Bidders should propose deliverables that are appropriate to their proposal.

3. The stated Challenge amount is UAH 1.5 million, and the FST project announcement says up to 5 rewards.  Does that mean that the cost of each proposal is supposed to be between UAH 300,000 and UAH 500,000?

Bidders should submit a reasonable cost proposal to cover the development of the prototype, testing of the solution, and implementation.

4. Can the completion time for achieving Deliverables 1, 2, and 3 be reduced, if, for instance, (1) it takes less than 6 weeks to develop a prototype application; (2) the target of 1,000 users is achieved in less than 6 weeks; and (3) the target of 5,000 users is achieved in less than 3 months?

You can propose your own implementation plan and schedule.

5. If a bidder indicates in the proposal that a prototype exists at the proposal submission, will this proposal be considered?

We will consider a pre-existing prototype if (1) it has been developed by the bidder, and (2) it has not been placed into use.

6. Can a solution be tweaked and upgraded after a prototype has been launched?


7. Can a solution be upgraded to introduce new functions that were not initially included into the technical specifications under the contract?


8. What are the criteria for determining a client? For example, can they be considered clients, if they used the system but did not register in it (if the system does not have a user cabinet and registration requirement)? Can this be a traffic to the solution website?

See Answer to Question 2.

9. What specifically should newly registered legal entities / entrepreneurs provide: reference letters or just contact information of their references?

List of 3 professional references is sufficient.

10. Are there any restrictions on how the price schedule should be formed? For example, is it possible to include such expenses as marketing, operating expenses, etc.?

Bidders should submit a cost proposal (price schedule) that is appropriate to the technical proposal. It is possible to include marketing, operating expenses.

11. Do we need to give breakdowns of the amounts specified in the price schedule?

Bidders may provide breakdowns or budget narrative in addition to the price schedule to explain how the price was built up.

12. What exchange rate should we apply when specifying the cost in USD?

Prices should be given in UAH. Please ignore the USD column.

13. How important is it to meet the Work Plan and Delivery Schedule?

Meeting your proposed due dates for deliverables is important. Bidders should develop a realistic implementation schedule.

14. How will the payment under the contract be effected, if the Deliverables 2 and 3 are not completed by the due dates?

See Answer to Question 13.

15. Does the project envisage commercialization?

We envisage that your solution will be sustainable after the contract completion.

16. How many winners of the competition do you expect?

Up to 5.

17. Section 5.1 of the Request for Proposals states that DAI may exclude an offer from consideration if it determines that an Offeror is “not responsible”. Please explain what a “responsible Offeror” means.

A “responsible Offeror” should be able to demonstrate qualifications of experts, previous technical experience, and to provide professional references.

18. Please explain what an “industry-wide tool” means.

We are looking for a tool that will engage as many appropriate users as practical.

19. Please clarify, who will select financial institutions for piloting / testing?

FST will assist a developer in making an appropriate relationship with a financial institutions if necessary.

20. Please clarify, how can we be platform agnostic, if a solution is based on IOS, Android, Web?

Propose your solution. The more universal, the better.

21. May we use Google Analytics to determine a target audience for the project?

Yes, you may.

22. Please specify a list of the registration documents that should be submitted.

For legal entity:

  • an Extract (i.e. Company Profile) from the Companies Register;
  •  a document, confirming powers of a representative of shareholders (POA), if applicable.

For entrepreneur:

  •  an Extract from the Companies Register.

23. Please specify, for which financial market segments the chat bot should be developed?

It is up to offeror to propose a solution. Please refer to the publications provided on the website for Challenge #1.